Project #50for50 is now complete. So what’s next?

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together”
-African proverb

On the 4th of July 2019, at exactly 8:32:41AM – I crossed the finish line at the PR Races Firecracker 5k in Reston Town Center … marking the culmination of 111 days’ work on a project that had started roughly a year earlier.  For those of you that know the story – this all started out when I had the bright idea that I would try to run a 10k to celebrate turning 50.  Little did I know that single idea would evolve into so … so much more.

On one frigid morning in March after completing a practice 5k, my goal of running a single 10k event grew into a goal of running 50k over multiple events … and the “#50for50 Project” was born.  And as of Thursday, I’m proud to say it has now been completed.  50 kilometers of competitive events in 111 days.

Important running tip I’ve learned – always ham it up for the cameraman at the finish line!

To say that it has been an adventurous ride, would be a bit of an understatement!  It’s been exciting … grueling … rewarding … disheartening … painful … heck, I’ve hit all the highs and lows along the way!  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  And that’s not just because it has felt great to accomplish something big like that (well – big for me, at least) but because all along the way, my family and friends have supported me in so many ways!  Through supportive texts and Facebook posts, to coming out to watch me run, and in some cases – actually running along with me at some of my events!  All of it has made me feel truly humbled that I have so many wonderful friends in my life.

Thank you for making this the best 50th birthday, ever!!

Here are the final #50for50 challenge results!

#50for50 Challenge Event Official Time Pace Average/Max Speed
Bluemont Shamrock 5k 36:24 11:45 (new 5k PR) 5.1mph / 8.47mph
Rock Creek Park 5k 35:04 11:19 (new 5k PR) 5.2mph / 6.9mph
National Beer Day 5k 38:10 12:19 (injury) 5.0mph / 6.8mph
The North Face Endurance Challenge 10k 1:09:26 11:32 (new 10k PR) 5.2mph / 6.6mph
Friends of Claude Moore Park 5k 41:04 14:11 (mud bog!) 4.2mph / 6.6mph
National Wine Day 5k 33:01 10:39 (new 5k PR) 5.5mph / 7.6mph
Virginia Wine Country 5k 31:51 10:16 (new 5k PR) 5.8mph / 7.7mph
Dash Through The Dirt 5k 30:47 9:56 (new 5k PR) 6.1mph / 7.3mph
Firecracker 5k 32:07  10:20 5.9 mph / 6.8 mph
50k Completed!


And here’s what that looks like in terms of swag/merch …

It’s not just a hobby, it’s a wardrobe…

Now that the 50th kilometer is in the rear view mirror, I’ve decided it’s time for me to hang up my running shoes and …

Oh, heck … who am I kidding.  Of course that’s not the end of things!  I’ve decided that I’ll likely run some more!  So – what happens next?

First off … I’m going to give my shins a bit of a rest.  Phew – they’re a tad bit upset at what I’ve done to them so far this year, and they deserve a break!  They’ve worked hard, and carried me a long way in a short time … so they deserve a bit of a vacation of their own.  So for the month of July … I’ve made a promise to my shins: no running events, no treadmill.

But after that?  Oh yes, there will be more running in the fall!

Right now, I am registered for the Marine Corps Marathon 10k event in October.  But I have a feeling I am going to want to run a few more before then (and probably after then, too).  So here’s what I’m currently looking at.  If I can knock off several of these, I will actually have a chance at hitting a stretch goal of 50 miles of competitive races during the year.

And looking even further ahead – what’s in store for 2020?  Well, I don’t know yet … but I’m thinking that taking this gig on the road and hitting some of the biggest 10k’s in the country might be fun!  Maybe I can knock off 100km in 2020 by sprinkling in a few epic events such as:

Throughout all of this, I think one of the most rewarding things to see is that some of my friends have now gotten the running “bug” … and are out doing their own training and practice runs for future events of their own!  I hope to run along side them in some of their events to support them in their journey, just as they have with mine!  If I had one wish for the #50for50 project as it comes to its end … it would be for its effects to live on, in the lives of others …

Once again, thank you all for your support!