#50for50 – coming into the home stretch…

It’s only been three weeks since I turned 50, but it’s pretty cool to be able to say that I’m now “into the home stretch” of achieving my #50for50 goal for the year!!  This past Saturday, several friends came out to support me as I ran the National Wine Day race at Tarara Winery

Completion of this event marks my 6th race for the year, now putting me at 35km completed – 70% of my goal! The course was quite interesting, in that it winds and weaves its way through the grape vines of Tarara…

It was an absolutely picture-perfect morning for a race – the weather was a nice mild 67F as we got ready for our 9am start, with barely a few clouds in the sky!  The blue sky, the green grass, and the grapes on the vine (plus the benefit of nice soft dirt which goes easy on the ol’ knees and shins) all made for an awesome race.  Racing it with friends made it all the better!

And to top it all off, my body was injury-free enough for me to rack up a new PR, beating my previous pace by about 30 seconds!  All-in-all, a great day…

With this event now in the books, that means there are only 3 more left before I complete my goal!  That’s something that I wouldn’t have imagined possible just one year ago!!

So what will I do after running those three events?  Well, somehow I don’t think I am going to stop after just those.  In fact, my new goal for the year is now to achieve 50 miles of races before the end of the season (instead of 50 kilometers) – and I think I can actually see a way to achieve that by October if my body holds up!

Here’s my updated race stats as well as registered and potential upcoming events, current as of 27-May 10-JuneCome on out and run one of these with me!

Event Name Official Time Pace Average/Max Speed
Bluemont Shamrock 5k 36:24 11:45 (new 5k PR) 5.1mph / 8.47mph
Rock Creek Park 5k 35:04 11:19 (new 5k PR) 5.2mph / 6.9mph
National Beer Day 5k 38:10 12:19 (injury) 5.0mph / 6.8mph
The North Face Endurance Challenge 10k 1:09:26 11:32 (new 10k PR) 5.2mph / 6.6mph
Friends of Claude Moore Park 5k 41:04 14:11 (mud bog!) 4.2mph / 6.6mph
National Wine Day 5k 33:01 10:39 (new 5k PR) 5.5mph / 7.6mph
Virginia Wine Country 5k 31:51 10:16 (new 5k PR) 5.8mph / 7.7mph
Dash Through The Dirt 5k 30:47 9:56 (new 5k PR) 6.1mph / 7.3mph
—45k— —Completed—
Firecracker 5k July 4 @ Reston Town Center (REGISTERED)
Run First Wine Later 5k July 20 @ Tarara Winery (potential event)
Leesburg 20k/5k August 18 @ Leesburg (potential event)
EX2 Backyard Burn October 6 @ Lake Fairfax (potential event)
Marine Corps Marathon 10k October 27 @ DC (REGISTERED)
The North Face Endurance Challenge San Francisco November 17 (potential event)

Thanks again to all of you who have shared words of encouragement, or have come out to see me run, or have actually run with me!  It truly is a blessing, and I thank each and every one of you for it!  Your support helps me go farther!

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together…”






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